Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Daily Creative

    • A message from your instructor: Jenni Grover

    • What do you hope to achieve through this course?

    • Prompt: Get creative with note-taking

    • Student walkthrough (get to know the course player)

    • Debunking some myths about habits

    • Prompt: Get creative with email sign-offs

  • 2

    Module 1: Expand your idea of "creativity"

    • Begin to consider creativity as a process, practice, or lifestyle - with less focus on the finished product

    • Workbook - Module 1

    • Prompt: Get creative with texting

    • Prompt: Get creative with your commute

    • Prompt: Get creative with your sock drawer

    • Prompt: Get creative with your furniture

  • 3

    Module 2: Blast through roadblocks

    • Identify the things that get in our way...and learn how we can work with and around them

    • Workbook - Module 2

    • Prompt: Get creative with playlists

    • Prompt: Get creative with your photos

    • Prompt: Get creative with packing your lunch

    • Prompt: Get creative with your bedtime ritual

  • 4

    Module 3: Set some SMART goals

    • Learn all about SMART goals and how to set them

    • Workbook - Module 3

    • Prompt: Get creative with how you answer your phone

    • Prompt: Get creative with color palettes

    • Prompt: Get creative with journaling

    • Prompt: Get creative with workouts

  • 5

    Module 4: Make the resilience connection

    • Learn about resilience - what role does it serve, how we can grow it -- and its connection to creativity

    • Workbook - Module 4

    • Prompt: Get creative with your library card

    • Prompt: Get creative with makeup

    • Prompt: Get creative with decorating the mundane

    • Prompt: Get creative with meditation

  • 6

    Module 5: Manage challenging emotions

    • Accept that challenging emotions come with the territory, and learn to work with them creatively

    • Workbook - Module 5

    • Prompt: Get creative with folding your laundry

    • Prompt: Get creative with networking

    • Prompt: Get creative with your wardrobe

    • Prompt: Get creative with your bath time routine

  • 7

    Module 6: Perform an honest evaluation

    • Discover the value of evaluating your practice with honesty and compassion

    • Workbook - Module 6

    • Prompt: Get creative with social media

    • Prompt: Get creative with accessories

    • Prompt: Get creative with planning social engagements

    • Prompt: Get creative with cooking dinner

  • 8

    Module 7: Build supportive community

    • Nurture and grow your community to form a circle of support

    • Workbook - Module 7

    • Prompt: Get creative with your yoga routine

    • Prompt: Get creative with your garden

    • Prompt: Get creative with sound and song

  • 9

    Resources to continue your journey

    • What did you achieve through this course?

    • All of the creative prompts in one place

    • Prompt: Get creative with writing your own prompts

    • It's not "goodbye." It's "see you soon!"

    • TDC monthly prompts

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Jenni Grover

Creativity Coach with a Focus on Resilience

Founder of the School of Creative Resilience, Jenni comes to you with decades of experience as a coach, author, professional speaker, artist and nerd. In her earlier work, Jenni used her experience living with chronic illness to create ChronicBabe, a supportive community and coaching services for sick folks. She's a trained investigative journalist and an accomplished quilter. She loves to help people feel more creative every day!

Creativity leads to resilience

I'm a lifelong writer and crafter, and I weave creativity into everything I do, which helps me feel more resilient the face of challenges. As a 13-year-old, I wrote a novella to help navigate a nasty custody case; as a young woman, I created an online community to cope with multiple chronic illnesses. 

The more I nurtured my daily creative habit, the easier it was to thrive in the face of these challenges. And I was able to teach my process to many other people, who learned to thrive. After years of teaching these techniques through my other work, I knew it was time to consolidate my knowledge and create a way for others to learn creative resilience, too! 

Imagine feeling creative every day

If you could wake up and feel excited to embrace the day... if you could approach problems and challenges with a sense of curiosity and hope... if you you could feel called to incorporate more color, music, and joy into your every day... that's what it feels like to cultivate creative resilience.

I will teach you to cultivate creative energy throughout your day, whether it's working on artwork or organizing your spice rack. No task or challenge is too mundane for us to practice creativity! I will also provide resources to help you keep practicing long after the course is complete.

What you get in this course

I'll walk you through my approach to creativity which focuses less on the creation of specific projects and artwork, and more on our creative process, practice, and lifestyle. I'll teach you to let go of the pressure to make "perfect" projects and instead nurture a feeling of creative flow that sticks with you all day long. You'll be supported with daily prompts, a handful of instructional videos, exercises, workbooks, and a private Facebook community just for folks who purchase The Daily Creative.

Two ways to pay:

Dive in for the full price, or if you need to spread the cost over two months, grab the payment plan.


  • How will I receive my course materials?

    Once you've signed up, you can access your materials within the course's online portal using your preferred browser. New content will be released each day -- so you can slowly work toward building your creative habit. I'll send periodic email reminders to visit the School of Creative Resilience online portal, where all of your content lives. After 30 days have passed, all course content will continue to be available to you for the life of the course.

  • What's Jenni's creative background?

    I'm a trained investigative journalist with more than 30 years of experience. I'm also an accomplished quilter, and love to store my nail polish in rainbow order. I've published one book so far (with another on the way!) and I love to coach and teach people!

  • Do you offer refunds?

    The Daily Creative is an investment in yourself -- and I believe this course will change your life. I stand behind my work. If you try this course and are dissatisfied, you may request a refund within 7 days of purchase.

What people are saying about The Daily Creative:

Testimonials from students

“I love the graphics, the content, how lovely you are in the videos. Polished and professional, but comfortable and easy going. I think that finding that balance in online videos is particularly challenging and I really love the ones I have viewed so far. The content itself is exactly what I expected after being in the ChronicBabe Secret Club for so long. I nod along to some of it, and then light up when you drop some new info on me. The email prompts are lovely. Well timed, and informative, and helpful. Your course is gorgeous!”

Jodie Eason

“I'm so in love with your course! Seeing you in action — as the favorite of an online community and purveyor of creative awesomeness — I'm just over the f-ing moon to be part of it.”

Misia Gielniewski

“I'm enjoying and getting a lot out of your course. For example, during a class I was inspired to start a blog to collect community wisdom and support during COVID-19. The timing has been perfect for me, being creative when the world seems to be all in a mess. Thank you!”

Carol Marsh

“I find the videos that you do in each part of this course so so helpful, supportive and motivating. But more than that, listening to you makes me kinder to myself, and for that I am truly grateful.”

Leanne Sawtell

“For someone who thought they had no creativity, I was surprised by how much the School of Creative Resilience and Jenni have shown me how creative I can be. This also helped me to organize my disaster areas, like my bedroom, closet, kitchen, dining room table -- even my sock drawer! -- so I can feel more cozy and creative at home. I can't wait for your next course!”

Cheryl O'Brien

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